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OmniSoft DWTR Digital Wideband Tape Recorder

OmniSoft's Digital Wideband Tape Recorder (DWTR) delivers wide bandwidth, non-stop recording and playback of real-time RS-422 data signals. Unlike traditional digital recoring systems that lose data when archiving tapes are swapped at fixed times intervals, the DWTR is a true, non-stop platform ensuring mission-critical operational and test data is always saved. The unique design of the DWTR fully integrates the recording, playback and archiving functions.

The DWTR is a commerical-off-the-shelf product with several channel, storage, playback and redundacy options. Becuase of its modular design, the DWTR can be easily configured or modified to meet any number of recording requirements.

Features and Benefits
-Playback or record up to 4 channels of RS-422 (NRZ-L, B, M, S...)
-Aggregate throughout of up 60 Mb/s
-Differential inputs and outputs
-NTP time synchronized
-24/7 non-stop recording
-Automatic tape drive cleaning
-Remote control and multi-user monitoring
-Automatic Media Inventory

For more information about the DWTR call 760-931-8428.

DWTR is a registered trademark of OnmiSoft, Inc.

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