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Risk Assessment

OmniSoft provides software risk assessment and project audit services for all types of software development projects, with particular emphasis on embedded and real-time systems. Each year the impact of software in product and custom development projects increases, and with it the risk to the organization of problems due to software development, integration, testing, and support increases. Our assessments cover all aspects of a software development project, including:

- Process Models - Project Cost Estimates
- Scheduling and Tracking - Risk Analysis
- Risk Mitigation - Resource Planning
- Expectation Management - Project Decomposition
- Requirements Analysis - Software Quality Verification
- Acceptance Verification Testing

Omnisoft can help plan your project, improve your process models, monitor the dynamic technical risks, and advise the Program Manager. The OmniSoft approach has been successfully employed for upgrade, porting, and green-field projects. We are familiar with development approaches as different as eXtreme Programming (XP), Object Oriented Design, and Structured Programming. This challenging role requires a breadth and depth of technical expertise cultivated over decades of providing advice to our customers on all aspects of systems development.

Join the list of customers we have helped keep projects on time and within budget.

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