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About Us

Founded in 1990, OmniSoft, Inc. began as a boutique engineering consultancy, specializing in the development and support of test equipment for a variety of applications, including broadband communications (cable-modem, DSL and specialized wireless), spacecraft communications, GPS, expert systems and image processing. Through the years, OmniSoft built a talented team and strong experience in networking protocols, embedded software (the software inside consumer and industrial products), operating systems, and 24/7 customer support. Our objective has always been to make every customer engagement a complete success.

In 2005, our focus shifted from custom software development and test equipment to network security, data security and IT support for small businesses and schools. The need for clear and simple solutions to network & data security problems in schools and small businesses was and remains clear. OmniSoft endeavors to cut the thick soup of technical networking and security jargon and bring our customers peace-of-mind solutions at an affordable cost. Services are available on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis. We sell and service hardware and software from all of the major vendors as well as our special security partners. OmniSoft will handle all your computer and networking technology needs from designing new systems to maintaining old ones.

Dr. Gerald A.Wilson, Ph.D. - President
Dr. Wilson helped found OmniSoft, Inc. in 1990 and has been President since 1991. He has a broad background in software research, risk assessment and artificial intelligence applications. After 10 years of research, he started founding companies focused on helping small businesses and educational institutions to make effective and efficient use of technology. Because of his years of experience in developing and supporting software for test equipment, including broadband communications (cable-modem, DSL and specialized wireless), spacecraft communications and GPS systems, he brought together a team of technology experts with the task of finding cost-effective solutions to the ever-changing problems of information technology. By using remote support tools and 24/7 support approach, he helps OmniSoft's team to keep their customer's needs first. During his free time Dr. Wilson is an enthusiastic sailor and traveler.

Aaron Wilson - Director of Technology Services
Aaron joined OmniSoft over 10 years ago. He is responsible for overseeing as well as implementing network security, web-design, web-filtering and information systems for schools and small business. He has supervised system administration for specialized data center for satellite testing. He is also a key contributor to services for data encryption/protection, information backup and archiving, and specialized information tool development. Outside of work he is busy keeping up with his son. One of his favorite hobbies is building model helicopters.

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