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Micro Business Security and IT Support Package

Protects against risks:
-Outside intruders accessing your network
-Improper transfers of digital information to outside networks
-Internet access without authorization
-Data snooping during authorized external access Spam filtering (vqNow)
-TrustedSource and Selected Category URL Filtering (with logging) (option)
-Unprotected (i.e. not using encryption) external access by authorized users

Typical Users:
-Organization with up to 20 people
-Full-time internetconnection (e.g. cable modem, DSL)
-Need for bullet-proof information protection
-Periodic secure external access (VPN)
-No local email and/or Web server
-Need high reliability for a low cost

-Protects your machines from outside attack
-Satisfies many legal requirements for sensitive information protection
-Reduces time lost to networking support
-Makes network security experts available to your organization when you need them
-Keeps your network protection up to date automatically
-Protects against spam

-Independent hardware/software appliance
-Intrusion Detection with logging
-Bullet-proof Firewall (Stateful Packet Inspection)
-Phishing, Trojan Horse, Malware Protection
-Built-in VPN support
-Secure WiFi (option)
-Supports Redundant Network Failover for high-availability requirements
-URL Filtering to block dangerous/problematic sites (option)

Services Include:
-Network Risk Assessment
-Network Security Plan
-12 Months of Remote Maintenance

Call Today For a Free Security and IT Assessment 760-931-8428.

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